Beaded Bracelet with Hand Cut Turquoise Cabochon Box Clasp

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I generally make metal and stone jewelry, but when I was working in gallery, I resorted to beading, as the gallery owner would have frowned on use of a torch in the store. I called these beaded items "my diet" as I worked on them in the gallery to keep my hands busy and out of the tortilla chips.
This cuff bracelet is beaded in right angle weave with 4mm aquamarine colored beads. I bought the beads a long time ago and I honestly cannot remember if they are aquamarine or a look-a-like of dyed quartz. The pale blue beads are accented with silver plated beads, and the silver plated box clasp features a 22mm x 30 mm stabilized light colored turquoise cabochon which I cut in my home shop. The bracelet is 6 1/2 " in length and 1 1/8" wide, and fits a small wrist.