Hinged Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cuff with Box Clasp

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This Classic hand fabricated cuff was created in my home shop in Boynton Beach Florida, USA. It features about 5 rectangular cabochons, totalling 40-50 carats of American turquoise which I cut and polished also in my home shop. The cuff is composed of 5 links of 20 gauge sterling silver which I recycled from an old sterling silver commemorative tray. On the back of one of the links you can see part of the original inscription on the tray. The silver textured in a rolling mill and then was cut into links 1 1/4" x 1 ". A bezel was created for each cabochon and these were soldered onto the links. Narrow tubing was used to fashion hinges to connect the links. A box clasp was fabricated out of the same silver. After polishing, the links were connected using sterling silver wire as hinge pins. Finally the cabochons were set in their respective bezels.
This is a special piece which exemplifies modernized classic styling. The cuffis 6 3/4" long (not including the tongue of the box clasp) and fits a rather small wrist.