Unique Exotic Plant Fossil Pendant

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I Don't recall where or when I obtained the slab from which I cut this stone, and I didn't know what kind of stone it is. At a local Gem and Mineral show, I asked a number of experts, whose best guess was that it is a
"Pine Cone Oolite". Anyway, as a rock enthusiast I thought it was pretty cool. The stone's predominant color is actually a sort of Army green with a little yellow, though, not being a particularly good photographer, I was unable to reproduce the true color in the photos, and it is a little greener than it appears. That being said, I set the cabochon in Sterling and accented it with a tube set faceted Peridot...which by the way is the birthstone for August...but I digress. The bevel swivels to give the pendant some motion. Please specify 16". 18" or 20" sterling chain. Whew!