Upcycled Copper Bracelet with Green Stone Cabochons

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This copper bracelet was upcycled from the edging of an old silver-plated copper tray. It was hand fabricated in my home shop in Florida. The bracelet consists of 7 links bezel set with opaque to very slightly translucent green cabochons which were sold to me as emeralds. They are not. ( I am not sure what the stone actually is...maybe jade, maybe green onyx.. or something else distinctly softer than emerald. One must beware of purveyors of stones from India. ) The stones are however, very attractive and I decided to use them in this bracelet. The bracelet links are connected with jump rings and a looped hook clasp. If you look carefully you can see remnants of the original silver plating (most of which has been removed) in the design detail of the links. The bracelet is about 7 1/2" long including the clasp when closed, and is 5/8" wide, and will fit a medium sized wrist. To prevent darkening or skin discoloration, the bracelet has been sealed with a protective lacquer.