Sterling Silver Cross Inlaid with Blue Lace Agate

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This one of a kind sterling silver cross was hand-fabricated in my home shop in Florida. 1/8" sterling silver strips were soldered together to form the shape of the cross, which was then soldered to a backplate and the shape cut out with a jeweler's saw. A swivelling bale was fashioned and pieces of Blue Lace Agate were carefully cut to fit the channels created by the silver strips. The stones were epoxied in place and the stones were ground down to expose the silver, and the silver and stone were polished. The pendant is 2 1/4 " long including the bale, and 1 1/4" wide. This is available alone, or with a 18" or 20 " sterling 2 mm wide heart chain or with an 18" or 20" 4.5mm beveled curb chain.